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Luna-C Productions

Where no genre is safe.

Luna-c ProductionsWhat we are:
Luna-C Productions is a comedy troupe that writes and performs live vaudeville style sketch comedy based on science fiction shows and movies. The roots of Luna-C began 25 years ago when a group of friends got together and formed Doctors In The House. When that group folded in 1996 the remaining members banded together to form Luna-C. Our cast includes performers of diverse backgrounds from educators to professional costumers and puppeteers with many years of live performance experience. Luna-C has appeared at World con and at science fiction conventions around the Mid-Atlantic region.

Luna-C had a successful 2012 season which began with performing to a standing room only crowd at Marscon in Williamsburg. It was the final time at the Patriot, but we look forward to next year at the new hotel.  We performed at our regular conventions. The preformances were well received with lots of positive comments.  We look forward to a great 2013 performance season
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The Luna-C store at is still open.  We currently have Luna-C t-shirts posters, journals, and coffee mugs with our cast picture and logo on it available for sale.
All our videos are included on our new Tenth Anniversary DVD.  DVD's and Cd's of our productions are  available for purchase at conventions where we perform.